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Short update

Thought i'd make a little post about whats been going on!

Things are slowly settling in here with the new house. Moving was an utter nightmare for a few reasons, and we are STILL in the process of cleaning the new house, which the previous tenants left in a disgusting and dirty state (there was stuff splattered on my bedroom wall...yuck yuck YUCK.)

In other news, one of my Quail Snookie decided life was too dull and one morning broke her leg near the knee. We still don’t know HOW she managed to do it, she is in a fantastic large rabbit hutch (the type with the plastic base so little feet can’t snag on wire) and is queen of the pen, being the only Japanese quail amidst 4 button quail.


So a few avian vet trips and $300 later, he she is in a full leg splint and foot binding (she was standing on it curled.) We are worried there is nerve damage in the foot as she is not using it. I hope to god it won’t need to be amputated in the end. I did have to laugh at the first vet visit though. While she was getting her splint, she decided to lay an egg right there and then XD

She currently resides inside in a small box, and is becoming a very pampered and expectant miss. She expects meal worms and treats every time I walk past now >:C .

We also have a new addition to the bird family, Sir Puffington the Panicked a golden pheasant.
He’s extremely timid at the moment, and in pretty bad feather. He was crammed in a parrot cage at a local pet store in the same cage as a galah which had no issues pecking him on the head and tail…D; and his poor wings look like they took a knife to it.

The first few days of bringing him home, he didn’t seem to understand that he couldn’t absorb his person through the magical barrier called wire…but he is finally starting to get the idea now.
I have been slowly been making progress with him, by spending time sitting near his hutch, talking to and feeding him mealworms and corn.  We plan to get him a lady friend or two once his aviary is ready.

If anyone here has experience with pheasants in general, I’d love to hear! They are a bird I have not had experience with yet :o

First eggs!

Eglantine our quail hen laid her first two eggs! Yayyyyy! She seems very proud of herself, even if she hasn’t figured out where to do it yet....

She is so silly, I found them floating in the temporary water tray, so she must have laid them in there XD

I love Quail eggs, they are so pretty <3

Birdy stuff

Adam brought home a new bird the other day, a scaly breasted lorikeet. It’s a lost pet that someone he knows found at work (has a leg ring, human whistles, and is very tame).

Because of the PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease) scare from the last rescue we had in the house, it’s been isolated for its own safety, and NC had to be tested. PBFD is incurable, and is extremely contagious with bi...rds via feather dander, salvia and faeces. It acts very much like aids to the immune system, and also causes beak deformities, and eventually feather loss.

We Took NC to the vet today for his PBFD test and he definitely takes after his mummy as far as fear of hospitals go haha…it took a towl, and 3 vets to get one tiny drop of blood. And he literally screamed the building down XD .

I will be taking him in again in a few weeks to finally be DNA sexed (how funny will it be if NC is actually a “she” haha.) I feel sorry for the vet that must deal with him again XD

Poor baby, vets are scary! ♥
Heres to hoping he comes up clear!

And heres a bad camera phone photo of the new bird, aptly named “squirt”.

I have always had a love for puppetry, animatronics and stage performance, even more so than I do for any sort of on screen cinema.

HTTYDAS was an amazing merge of puppetry, breathtaking animatronics, music and lighting effects and of course, DRAGONS! And I feel so thankful that I got to see this amazing performance twice before it left Australia.

In short, it was AMAZING!

(Above, Gobal creatures re-design of the Monstrous Nightmare, which Tari and I loved even more than the movie version!. This particular dragon was so well performed, that you completely forgot it was animatronics :D, scuse the terrible quality, it was taken with my Iphone)

Wednesday showing:

Lots of rambleing, and bad photos behind here!Collapse )

My skylanders so far eiiii!

(P.s, Erik is a freaking legend for helping me even get this far with them fffff!)

Darklight Crypt

Empire of Ice

Pirate Seas


Normal Spyro
Dark Spyro
Double Trouble
Wrecking ball

Gill Grunt
Slam Bam

Trigger happy
Drill Sergeant

Flame slinger

Dino Rang
Prism Break

Stealth Elf
Stump Smash

Chop chop
Ghost roaster

Sonic boom
Lightning Rod


Legendary Spyro

Legendary Chop Chop

Legendary Bash

Legendary Trigger Happy


Need to find :     



ANY of the gold/silver skylanders

If any of you see any of the "need to find" ones, let me know and I will throw $ at you to get! Haha. I seriously want to try and get every one of these, I just love the designs ffff

WOW! Nominated/need votes!!!

"Congratulations, you have been nominated for the 2011 Artist/Designer of the Year Award !" ~TalentHouse

Influential Artist/Designer of the Year
The artist/designer who receives the most votes will win the 2011 Talenthouse Artist/Designer Of The Year Award, become a Featured Artist on www.talenthouse.com and will receive $1000.

Omg, what a email to wake up to! I am so excited and jittery about this! Ive never really been nominated for an award before!

The artwork they chose was my Harpy Armour, and the link for voting may be found here = http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a18709b3439672dc32bd42e9301e2cbf/407

I am up against some amazingly talented artists, with heaps of support and votes already (one already has over 100 XD). But if you could spread this around and Vote for me, I would be greatly honored!


Eiiii *Fails*


One of the Authors who impacted my life most, both creatively, and emotionally has died. RIP Anne McCaffrey, you will be sorely missed.
I’d say more, but I have a friend over and I’m trying not to cry XD

Vote for meeeee!

Hey guys!
Voting is now open for the Deep realms competition! If you could, please vote on my design and pass the word?! I need to keep around the top 10 to have a better chance at being considered!


The winners design will be used in the game!


Two little vids that Harmony gave me today from the Armageddon convention we went to a short while back :D


Was playing around in the FW store, and ffffffffffffffff would kill for this outfit in game or out hahaha. It has like...EVERY DESIGN ELEMENT IN A DRESS I LOVE!  WhyDoes it have to cost moneyyyy ;o; Saved this little turnaround for inspiration in case I ever get the guts to draw clothing on dirt XD